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Delivery Service

Our shop has stocked Pick & Mix in the heart of Newport for generations, and now you can enjoy this from the comfort of your own home with our Pick & Mix delivery service!

We are incredibly well priced at just 85p/100g – meaning you can get more of the sweets you love, for less!


Island-wide home delivery is FREE for spends over £10 and can be booked with us by telephone.

Sweet Selection

A list of our available sweets can be found below – each individual selection is defaulted at 100g in weight unless otherwise specified. For any other quantities please mention this when placing your order. 

Funny mix
Midget gems
Bubblegum fuzzy bottles
Milk chocolate beans
Fizzy cherry cola bottles (vegetarian)
Black and white mints
Coconut mushrooms
Mint lozenges
Milk chocolate peanut clusters
Aniseed balls
Yellow&Orange jelly beans (Gluten free)
Mint imperials
Fizzy strawberries (vegetarian)
Fizzy blue babies (vegetarian)
Pineapple cubes
Original choc nibbles
Jelly beans
Chocolate limes
Porky pigs
Sherbet lemons
White jazzles
Winter mixture
Jelly buttons
Fruit jellies
Liquorice all sorts
Wine gums
Jelly babies

Liquorice comforts
Liquorice torpedoes
Chocolate milk eggs
Toffee choc nibbles
Dark chocolate coffee beans
Dark chocolate raisins
Sugared almond
Black current and liquorice
Milk chocolate honeycomb
Liquorice cream rock
Milk chocolate raisins
Pink and white marshmallows big
Pink and white marshmallow small
Pontefract cakes
Sweet peanuts
Milk chocolate peanuts
Chocolate Turkish delight
Small pear drops
Herbal tablets
Throat n chest
Army and navy

Strawberry milkshake
Dolly mixtures
Gourmet jelly beans
Giant pink and white mice
Mini jelly babies

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