We start the month of February with news of changes to the way we dispense our lose goods , we now offer an alternative to our usual plastic bags . Alongside our usual bag dispensers are a selection of different sized paper bags which provide even more customer choice as to the amount that is required. Even the herbs and spices “can be dealt with in this way , and if a customer brings their own container we can “tare” the till and fill the container. However” Swarts” style jars with their narrow necks cannot be refilled. Also wet items such as Cherries,Ready to Prunes and Figs still need the plastic bags. We have for the past twenty years refilled Ecover laundry,washing up and fabric softener bottles.

This year, 2018, is our 32nd year of trading and we are all very proud, and appreciate all our loyal customers and staff.

I do hope you manage to call in to see the shop and with this our 32nd year perhaps offer one of your “signature” recipes ..
I will always reply and give any guidance with homebrew that I can.

All the best Graham